[Lyrics] Caesar P ft. Adion – Make Money

Oh yeah yeah yeah
You gat to make money,make money make money,make money
Make money everyone thats nice
Make money people that is sweet
Make money broda that is good
Make money sister that is sweet
Verse 1
Sometimes e go good eeh
Sometimes e go bad eeh
Sometimes e go be say,i dey hustle like mad
But thank you Jehovah
I say thank you Jehovah
If no be for u eeeh,tell me where I for dey
But now I made it,
And people wanna know who the broda is,
Now I do my things
I hustle hard,and I double my shift
And now I work hard to make money yeah that’s real
No one believe in me,but I believe in myself and I believe in my God
That’s the real stuff yeah now
I know say one day things go better,thats what kept me going broda man for real yeah
Make money,everyone thats nice
Verse 2
Na everyday man dey hustle
Na everyday,na everyday naim man dey hustle,naim man dey hustle
Naim man dey pray,naim man dey worship God
Gbeki lowo Gbeki lowo oh
Oluwa damilare ,damilare oh no yeah eeeh
As e dey bless me,make e bless u too ,oh no no
As I dey get money,you dey get money yeah oh no no
Make money everyone thats nice
Verse 3
My heart is heavy
Like big shevy
I look my mirror,what more can I see
But things are good now
That’s all we hope for
Better day will come
That’s what we pray
Step by step, we climb higher
That’s what I try to aim for now,with work yeah
I believe in myself,believe in my work
Believe in my God,Believe in the hustle that I do
Turn by turn,now it’s my turn
Now people wanna come around to feel the groove yeah
Jolly to my music,spend money
Feel good,thats the best you can aim for man yeah
CHORUS till fade

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