[Lyrics] Young-Flowzy – Dont Trust Any Girl


dont trust any girl(*4)


love is d greatest thing i ever found in life, wen i met this girl i thought my life is complete with her, little did i know this girl is gonna be de one to add me more pain (more pain) the mean light, star light shall bear us witness for the time that me and you have been together, onanana don’t live me go uh yeah,it hurt me so much oh to see u live me go, just tell me why baby moh oh, from the 1st time i set my eyes on you, you told me that you gonna stay with me, no matter wat they say, no matter wat they do u will spend the rest of ur life with me and i say to u as far as am concern i will love from now till 2moro.


don’t trust any girl (Gentle-rise) dont trust any girl (kellyflow) dont trust any girl(Action villa) dont trust any girl (Skykid) dont trust any girl (Flowzy) dont trust any girl (mr koboko) dont trust any girl


I_I_I_I love u….. Uh uh my baby…. U shouldn’t wait 4 anyone to tell u b4 u know de kind of love i gat 4 u is real… Me pls u oh is suppose to be (2) but based on my love logarithm i will mk it to be(1), wen u be my one and only u will gat wat it take for me and u to spend the rest of our life together ahhhh but wat u did to me gat me muted, i cant even open my mouth but because u know i love u, wat u gat me into made me not to ever trust any girl, i will never ever ever ever trust any girl Ejeh

CHORUS:same (chorus2)

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